Seyrawyn – How to Chose your Dragon Eggs

When? The whole weekend of the Montreal Medieval Fair, at booths 35 and 36.

What Dragon egg suits you best? What strengths do you need to move forward in your life? In the world of Seyrawyn, there are 10 breeds of Dragons each sharing a magical force. As more than 16600 people already dit it and with the guidance of a Master Dragonnière, just choose your personal Dragon egg !
So when someone adopts a Dragon egg, a magical bond settles permanently between them.
In exchange for protection and education, the Dragon is committed to bringing aid and comfort to his dragon-master by sharing her/his innate strength, each helping the other. Dragon eggs are allies that help us develop skills to fulfill the great quest of our Life.
The Dragon-Master will follow her/his instincts in order to choose the best possible. What Dragon egg is for you?

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Martial Grisé et Maryse Pepin

St-Eustache (Qc)