Grandeur Nature Marchefer

Since 2014, Grandeur Nature Marchefer has been innovating with its simplified and dynamic approach to role play. Thanks to its optimized game mechanics, their events are for everyone.
The organization’s priority is to offer its players an immersive and complete experience in a world of fantasy.
By taking part in their events, you will have the opportunity to evolve your characters in a living world and in constant evolution. Each of the participants, through their actions, contribute to shape the course of history.
Whether by fighting and hunting monsters, grimoires and potions, politics or commerce, tricks and plots: your imagination will become reality and your characters will be heard.


Jean-Marie Bluteau, Jimmy Packenham, Pierre Wall, Hugo Bélanger, Jean-Philippe Rodrigue, Chantal Grenier.
124 rang Gaspé
St-Apollinaire, Qc
(Site des événements)