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Succubus Clothing

Succubus is a new company that brings a breath of fresh air to LARP costumes and role-plays for women.
Every woman wishing to stand out will find what she is looking for among our collections:

The Isabella collection brings all the elegance of royalty and the softness of the satin in which she likes to adorn herself. It is a delicate collection in shades of red and dark pink. Dresses, capes and other clothing with a flavor of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, shining fires of jewels that embellish each of his creations.

Nemesis, which embodies purity in its shades of white and gold, inspired by the grandeur and beauty of the angels themselves. Light and simple.

Ophelia is the collection for fairies and other magical creatures. Much more fantastical style, it will please those who carry nature and magic in their hearts.

A touch darker than other collections, Zephirah embodies the darkness and the presence of the night. She will please any creature of the night.

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Anne Élizabeth Mochon