La crypte du Minautor

A novelty for 2019 !!!

Activity designed for everyone with light and sound experience

Cost: $ 3 (weapon provided for the activity)

Dare to roam the monster crypt and confront the Minautor leader.

The crypt is invaded by all kinds of monsters, skeletons, zombies, goblins, werewolf, animal-man, demons and many more. Now it’s your turn to face this cursed crypt. Only the bravest warriors have come back and can now say I survived the crypt. Are you up to the challenge, come in a group to accomplish the feat of killing the Minautor. Monsters carpeted in the depths of the cave are ready to confront you. This crypt forms the Heroes of tomorrow.

Hero of this world, join us to eradicate the evil that this place represents. Whether in a group or family, Zaryzad Worlds will entertain you and have fun.