Entertainment and Activities 2024

A ton of activities and entertainment are always offered free of charge at the Salon de la Passion Médiévale outside!


Legendary Camps

The foam sword fighting arena is once again this year supervised by the team of Legendary Camps, who have been with us at the Show for several years now. Their facilitators will ensure with expertise and enthusiasm that everyone can compete with pleasure and safety in an arena specially designed for this purpose. Everyone is invited, young and old, to test a newly acquired foam blade, to prepare for the Grandeur Nature season which is starting again soon, or simply to do a little sport! 

Knight's Journey

Do your children dream of chivalry? Make it a reality with our Knight's Journey, which features real-life tests that a vintage knight would have had to complete in order to qualify for this prestigious title! Under the tent ofEstreya you will find your passport to the world of historical chivalry!

Fantasy Quests

Greetings, daring young adventurers! Get ready to dive into a world of exciting puzzles and quests this year at the Show! Join us for an epic medieval experience with the presence of Production BLAM! They have a multitude of adventures and thrills in store for you, whether you are young or old. Expect a day full of surprises and discoveries!


A professional makeup artist will walk between the interior and exterior to transform the faces of young and old into works of art that will remain in your photo albums as a souvenir of your stay with us! Find it at Estreya, both outside and inside!

Inflatable games

Zardwin offers your children an unforgettable activity at the festival with an inflatable game! Children will be able to jump, slide and climb in a safe and supervised module. Don't miss this opportunity to create unforgettable memories for the whole family.

For all

Cannon Shots

As the Salon likes to do things in a big way, our openings and closings will be marked by an authentic cannon shot, which everyone will be able to come and observe while La Garde du Lys will teach us how this formidable weapon was used at the time! Consult theschedule to witness this impressive demonstration.

Historical reconstitution

Your visit to the Show would not be complete without a visit to our Historical zone, in which several groups of entertainment professionals will introduce you to life during different eras! Meet the Pirates, the Vikings, the Musketeers, the Inhabitants of New France and other groups of rhistorical constitution!

Sword fight

During the weekend, you will have the opportunity to discover traditional medieval (and Renaissance!) fencing in all its forms. 3 fencing schools reward us with their lessons and shows, and be sure not to miss the Béhourd shows – full contact combat with metal weapons, in full armor – to discover all the facets of this incredible sport!

Archer Combat

Archer Combat is an activity center located in Hochelaga in Montreal which specializes in Tag Archery, a sport mixing archery and dodgeball! During the Show, you will find them outside giving foam archery challenges to young and old alike! Go test your skill!

Juggling Workshops

Discover the joy of juggling with the Juggling Workshop by Estreya! Whether you are a beginner or just looking to have fun, they will guide you through a fun and enriching experience. Come experience magical moments and try the adventure with this enthusiastic troupe who will introduce you to an exciting art!

Traveling artists

Several traveling artists will wander around the Salon to entertain and amaze you! Can you find them all?

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