AYAM Creation

AYAM Creation is a brand of ethical clothing with meaning, inspired by nature, fair trade and natural fibers. Identifying with the Slow Fashion movement, AYAM offers an alternative to the fast fashion industry. Visionary quality clothes, practical, durable, comfortable, stylish and soulful!

This year, Myriam Lafée, designer and CEO of the brand, has simmered creations that, without being in a medieval style pure and hard, include several influences of the genre. The 2018 collection is inspired by the theme Atlantis: Ancient Future. Warriors and warriors, gods and goddesses, elves and fairies, superheroes and heroines, artistic beings in love with aesthetics, free and creative spirits … the bright and the most obscure; all will be able to find their account with our line of ready-to-wear eco-responsible, funky, epic, for man, woman and children! A promise of beautiful discoveries to dress your daily life with a touch of fantastic!

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Myriam St-Onge (alias Lafée)