Duché de Bicolline

The Duchy of Bicolline is the largest domain dedicated to immersive gaming, offering a fantastic medieval experience unique in North America, with a village built and developed by its participants, gathering more than 225 buildings.

From August 11 to 18, 2019, The 24th edition of the Battle of Bicolline will bring together some 3,500 participants of all ages for 7 days of festivities, shows, tournaments, quests, battles and games!

Over the years, through the development of a diverse geopolitical, social and cultural universe, Bicolline has become a benchmark for the quality of its immersive game.

Participants come together in this rich universe, where everyone becomes a living incarnation of his imagination. Whether you are a soldier, merchant, religious, criminal, possess magical powers, play a fantastic creature, or have political ambitions, Bicolline allows you to explore and live a unique experience.

Enter the game, Be Bicolline!


1480 chemin Principal