Les Soeurcières

The Sisters, consists of two creative and original sisters. They will cast you a spell that will require you to use the services of their multiservice sewing company.
They offer a complete range of medieval ready-to-wear clothing and high-quality, personalized accessories at an affordable price.
We also offer a department of miracles. Whether you or your clothes need a little rejuvenation they will have the talent or potion to help you.
They are attentive to your needs and make sure to advise you adequately and with honesty according to their great experience or according to what the cards say.
This is a family business, if you go through the workshop you might meet parents, aunt even see the specter of a recalcitrant spouse! Moreover, they thank them greatly for their invaluable contribution!


Claudine et Diana Tremblay
3400 chemin des Ruisseaux
St-Honoré, Qc
G0V 1L0