Friday : 17:00 - 22:00
Saturday : 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday : 10:00 - 17:00


Ethereal Tribal

Isabelle Goulet

La Chambarde


Myriam Reid, harpiste




Dragon Hunting

CHILDREN’S GAMES: Easily identifiable little dragons will be hidden in some kiosks. Children will have to find them to win a prize. Head to T-3 booth for more information and participation coupons.

Le lutin farceur

GAMES FOR CHILDREN: le lutin farceur  will hide in the fair to challenge children. Participants will have the chance to win an Epic Armory unlimited child’s sword.

The treasure hunt

Do you want to win LARP accessories? Participate in this activity and take the chance to win the complete set of LARP items! You will have to find the Fair logos hidden in the kiosks and identify the colors. Be careful, it will not be easy !!! Head to T-3 booth for more information.

Masquerade Costume Contest by Les Artisans d’Azure

Proud of your costume? You made it yourself? Or for the most part? Come participate in the Masquerade Costume Competition. A total of $ 500 in prizes to be won, offered by Les Artisans d’Azure!
– A $ 250 gift certificate
– Free training worth $ 150
– Materials for your costumes worth $ 100

You can find all the details and regulations on the website:

Atelier pour adulte et pour enfant

Au local 124 venez découvrir les différents ateliers offerts. Le local sera ouvert aux heures suivantes : vendredi de 17h30 à 21h30, le samedi de 10h30 à 13h00 et le dimanche de 13h00 à 16h30

The wheel of fortune

Do you like discounts and prize draw? Come turn the wheel, share a photo on social networks and do not leave empty handed! You could leave with prizes of: Le Duché de Bicolline – Zaryzad – Les Médiévales de Lanaudière – Combat d’Archers Montreal – and many others.

Kiosk T-14

Espace Retrouver l’armure perdue!

Ouvrez bien les yeux! Des petits logos des Armuriers d’Atlantide seront cachés dans le salon, si vous en trouvez un, rendez-vous à leur kiosque (89). Vous pourriez gagner de leur armure, valeur de 1000$.

Grand Contest 2019 – More than $ 2000 in prizes to be won

Purchase an official Fair Medallion and automatically enter the 2019 Montreal Medieval Fair Contest including:

1st Prize: A $ 1000 credit at the Dracolite Shop on an armor of your choice

2nd Prize: A package for two people including accommodation in a medieval pavilion in the Faubourg district for the 7 days of the Great Battle of Bicolline 2019 A value of over $ 1000

No purchase required

To enter the contest without buying the medallion, consult the rules on the site:

Alex Le Rustik – Table Games

I am Alex Rustik, carpenter. I make table games that have come down through the centuries and come from all over the world.

Come see me at booth 47 to try all these little-known but very interesting games

In an age where technology isolates us, I want to engage people to rediscover the pleasure of being in good company around a game.

Because play have the function of being a social link and a recreation for the mind?

Workshops and continuous animation

La Garde du Lys – Fencing Workshop

SCA – crafts and dance

FQCM – fighters in armor

URWAZ – viking village

Les Porcs de Wawel – artillery year 1400

The Templars – Cannon Shot

Le Dogue de Montreal

Les Habitants de la Nouvelle-France

Native american tipi

Artisanal Forge

Cannon fire

Shots with black powder rifles

Activities for all

Les Jeunes Écuyers par l’Atelier du Loisir: introduction to the foam sword for the children

La Roue de Racaille by Nemesis: Foam Tournaments

The Minotaur Crypt

Archers fight


Estreya: circus workshop and presentation

The LARP Zone

Duché de bicolline – Carte Noire – Le Royaume – LARP’EM – Orbis l’Héritage- Les Grandeurs Nature Avalon – Calimacil – Fédération des GN’s -Nordover une nouvelle saga – Solunne – Les Chroniques d’Aeon – Veni Vidi Vici – Alfheim

Other activites

Conferences and Workshops

Steampunk Montreal

Accoustatique trio

Carnival Abraxas – Spitters and Fire Manipulators

Fourquet fourchette catering

Chez Tomio food truck

Schedule and Program - Indoor

Schedule and Program - Outdoor

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