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Proud partner of the Show, the Red Dragon will once again be at your service this year to fill your belly in The Hall!

Outside, we will find the Pizzeria Haute-Laurentides which will offer us an authentic wood-fired pizza experience!

For the throat

A little adult thirst? Come to one of our two bars run by the Microbrasserie Domaine Berthiaume and discover brewers with a sense of humor and a love of the medieval that will enchant you immediately!
In addition, all their beer is local, served in your glasses or in 100% recyclable and eco-responsible cans!
This year, great exclusivity: the Show has an official beer in its name, brewed by none other than Domaine Berthiaume! Come and taste Verena la Glorieuse, our imperial redhead who will amaze you with her powerful aromas! 


Whether you are decked out in your finest attire or simply want to show off with your new acquisitions, DragonLance Photography will know how to highlight you. His expertise in fantastic photos is sure to please you and you will be able to etch your visit into your memory with epic photos! Get a ticket at the information kiosk to get in front of his camera.

Information kiosk

Are you lost? Are you looking for that rare gem? Are you looking for a souvenir from our fabulous event? Would you like details on our schedules, competitions and activities? Perhaps you would like to immortalize your beautiful new costume by a professional photographer recognized in the industry? It is through information that you will find solutions to all these problems! Located at booth 125 in Le Hall, our experts will be able to guide you!

Practical to know

Reduced mobility and elevators

Whether you have reduced mobility or a stroller, a series of elevators allows you to tour the two interior sections, and it is also possible to visit the majority of attractions in the exterior area! The elevators are nevertheless reserved for this use only, and we ask other visitors to take the stairs and use the regular corridors for your circulation.

Parking and traffic

Place Bell has 3 floors of underground parking. It's a 3-minute walk from Montmorency station (and its 600+ incentive parking spaces), 10 minutes from the Concorde train station and right in the city center of Laval, where the most resourceful among you will undoubtedly find a free parking in nearby streets. However, avoid the abandoned Brault and Martineau! Parking is tempting, but completely prohibited! 

Hotel offer

Do you live far away? We're still waiting for you!
The Salon offers a 15% discount when booking a hotel room at Hilton in Laval. Plan ahead and treat yourself to a weekend that matches your passions, despite the distance that normally separates you! 



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