A first solo album for Ingried Boussaroque that presents songs from here and from Scotland.

Par Vanessa Cotineau

Inspired by many years of study and travel, Ingried Boussaroque gives us “Islands”, his first album that traces, in songs, his adventures between Scotland and Quebec.

ISLANDS is a story of salt, sand, waves, cries of gulls. It is the journey of a musician from here, from Montreal to the borders of Scotland. An album of Québécois, Gaelic and Nordic songs, accompanied to the kantele, the mandolin and several other strange instruments.

Ingried’s adventure began with the band La Mandragore, which took her on a tour through Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. It is in the latter country that she met a Scottish and a Danish woman with whom she start a musical group mixing their three cultures. Ingried then earned a scholarship to study Gaelic singing in the islands of Scotland.

Today, Ingried lives in Scotland, but still travels between the two countries, as for the launch of his album in February. “Islands” is composed of plays discovered in the recordings of archives or through its singing’s teachers. “I make an effort in the choice of texts so that there is a story, that they fit into my concept and that the songs end well,” she adds.

His album is an original way of delivering two island cultures of distinct languages. With songs mixing French, English and Gaelic, Ingried takes the time to explain to the audience the content of the lyrics.

The pieces on the album, which was also released in Scotland, do not require the same explanations out there as in Quebec. This is how Ingrid shares bits of each culture with the other. “It’s called” Islands “because it’s my life here, and on the islands in Scotland,” she explains. According to Ingried, it is a “Scottish album very Montreal”.