Buy the Fair official Pendant at a price of $10. Each visitor who buys the “Lion” Pendant receives a draw ticket for the mega Contest !
Everyone can participate without purchase ! Read our rules to know how !
Over $ 1,700 in prizes
The Pendants will be available at the entrance to the Pierre-Charbonneau Centre.
Many thanks to our generous sponsors for their participation in the mega 2016 Contest !

1st Prize ( $1,000 value )
One leather armor or accessories from DRACOLITE’s GN collection

2nd Prize ($ 630 value)

The Seyrawyn price includes :
• One both hands CALFERA HAMMER from Calimacil
• One black LEGENDARY DRAGON EGG (marble, 6 inches)
• One purple ” Angels and Demons ” CELTIC THROW
• One NOVEL Adventure CONFLICT DES DRUIDES # 1 – in French
• One NOVEL Adventure FUTUR GARDIENS # 1 – in French
• One MINI-ROMAN Dragonniers # 1 – in French
• World Map and Vademecum

3rd prize
To come up

Read rules of the contest